Welcome to  Everything. It started as a private work for me to use to track content I was interested in. Naturally, going public as soon as possible was the obvious decision. Here you’ll find mostly simple aggregation of interrelating topics such as various world economies, the US and China in particular, finance, and hopefully a bit of very practical computer science as well as very impractical philosophical topics. At some point I’d like to lay claim to some original content but we’ll hold off on that for now.

The central impetus for starting this work-in-progress, and what I intend to be the central theme is my expectation that over the next few decades, the Chinese model of government will present challenges to that of the US. I’m interested in this specifically, but it’s also useful because of how many topics can be tangentially related. The question is; can a society as complex as the US, or even China, be successfully ruled but its own people? Or is there a need for a elite guiding class?

That said, I’ll post whatever I damn well please.


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